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Finally a dashboard gauge system for forklifts.  US Carburetion has been working on this technology for over five years and we are now offering the system to the forklift industry or for larger forklift fleets.  Please take a moment to look around our site and see how impressive this system really is.


Our Mission

To supply a new product to fill a basic need that has existed for over 60 years. . . a simple way of monitoring the liquid level of the propane cylinder on the back of a forklift so that the operator does not run out of fuel at an inappropriate time or without advanced notice.



Company Profile

US Carburetion is a privately held company that has been serving the industrial equipment market for over 8 years.

Contact Information

MagnaFloat is a newly patented product of US Carburetion, Inc.  This website is provided for information about  our upcoming product release only.  No general type retrofit kits are available at this time.  We anticipate availability in fall of 2003.  However, we are in the process of designing kits for Original Equipment Manufacturers.  If your company is interested in having a Magnafloat system custom designed for your line of forklifts or other industrial type equipment, please visit the Custom Design page to see if your company qualifies.  You may also e-mail our Customer Support Department below or call 1-800-553-5608 to speak to a representative.

800-553-5608 * Local 304-872-7098
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