Custom Design



Custom designing a system requires just two basic pieces of information.  The type of bracket that is used to hold the cylinder on the machine and the OHM input signal needed for the existing dashboard gauge.   We will also be offering an economical digital readout that can be mounted just about anywhere around the dashboard area or within eyesight of the operator for units without an existing dashboard gauge.

For a company to be eligible for the MagnaFloat Custom Design process, they must meet the following basic criteria listed below.  If your feel that your company is eligible, please send a request using the form at the bottom of this page.  

Manufacturer Requirements

bulletMust produce at least 500 propane powered units annually (negotiable).
bulletThe equipment must be moving the while in operation.
bulletThe equipment should be commercial or industrial type ride-on machines.
bulletLarger Fleets with equipment produced by the same manufacturer.



Custom Design information Request Form

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