MagnaFloat Components

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Magnetic Float Assembly

The free floating, unattached, magnetic float assembly is dropped into the aluminum cylinder.  That is all the the modification required for the cylinder to be used with the MagnaFloat System.  The float remains inside for the life of the cylinder.  Most existing aluminum cylinders can be modified.  Working with an empty cylinder, simply remove one of the fittings to the vapor space (usually the float gauge or plug) and drop in the float.  Then add or reinstall the plug.

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Sensor Strip Installation

A sensor strip is attached to one strap of the cylinder bracket as shown.  The strip contains five sensors placed at the locations corresponding to the liquid level from Full to Empty.  The sensors constantly monitor the float in the cylinder by reporting the location back to the computer .  The computers wire harness is attached to the sensor strip wires by means of a modular plug.

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Electronic Micro Control Box

The control box can be mounted below the dashboard and contains the circuit card that controls the reading of the dashboard gauge.  The box receives the input signals from the sensors mounted on the sensor strip and interprets them by means of a Micro Controller Integrated Circuit.

Key Benefits

bulletMonitors the fuel level from Full all the way to Empty in 1/4 level increments.
bulletWarns the equipment operator when there is about 30 minutes of run time remaining.
bulletMakes the fuel cylinder integral with the equipment instead of always a "conversion".





Float Float-4B $               
Complete MagnaFloat System MF-143102 $               
Standard Dashboard Gauge  Gauge-090 $               



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