Rhode Island




US Carburetion to display "MagnaFloat" Prototype

The "NEW" Industry Standard.

08/06/01 -- Providence, Rhode Island

"National Propane Gas Association Northeastern Convention"

US Carburetion made public today that they will display the technology that is soon to be the new industry standard.  The system known as MagnaFloat is a propane dashboard fuel level gauge for mobile industrial equipment such as forklifts, tugs, and scooters.  

When asked why this product will be on display for just the propane industry, John Keller, President of US Carburetion, Inc. said: " It's important for the propane gas industry to know how the system works and what their role is in supporting their customers that have the Magnafloat system installed.  US Carburetion has tried to educate the industry by means of shows and brochures so they are not caught by surprise when this product takes off.  We want and need their help to make this product the success it will be!"

When asked why Magnafloat will be so popular Mr. Keller said: "The forklift and industrial markets have needed this product for a long time, since propane was first used as an engine fuel.  Forklifts and other industrial equipment have always been conversions from gasoline.  The Gasoline gauge is no longer used and a removable cylinder is installed.  Industrial equipment is notorious for running out of fuel at critical times such as during loading and unloading of trucks.  Magnafloat will now make the driver fully aware of the fuel level from full to empty with 20 to 30 minutes of warning before running out. That is what people have and will want!"

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